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I feel that
아무리 노력 해봐도
아무리 기도 해봐도
절대 안돼
그렇게 떨쳐내려 해봐도
I still feel you
In My Dream World ....
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mostly black & white blog, that follows back c:

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Sad black and white blog

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infinite - “back” concept photos

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"It was nice. I definitely saw it. Those chocolate abs, like in the dramas!"

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you should know by now that jumping in on your own is never really an option, sungjong [Intravel INFINITE Busan DVD] At that moment, the hyungs targeted one little lamb! (part 1?)

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[Intravel INFINITE Busan DVD] Sungjong’s quest for revenge begins… 

I was going to make another big set tonight but it is 2am now so that will happen later. Wanted to share Sungjong’s glee, though.

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